Up to no good again

I’m not sure how many times I’ve redone this site. Never really had a point to it, but also couldn’t bear to let it go either. It’s an interesting conundrum on my part. So I finally threw on WordPress (ew) despite my inner voice stubbornly deciding that it’d be more fun to attempt re-inventing the wheel the nth time. The voice. It still screams at me.

However, here’s the blog, here’s my wasting of time, and here you are, reading it for some reason. Can’t imagine why. Just some random dude online, but hey, you have your business and I have mine.

On the note of business, I’m tinkering away at game development (again). Working on learning my current tools of choice, but we’ll see where that goes in the near future. Can’t waste my time forever and would like to see a finished product. I’ll probably throw it up online when I’m done for free just to see what people think. Expect this on itch.io or something.